Etsy Coaching

with Jessica Trueblood

Book a 30 minute call to get

one-on-one expert advice!

1:1 Coaching is EFFECTIVE!

Working with a qualified coach on specific goals can increase your chance of

achieving those goals by as much as 33%!  Click the video below to see the


TOP 5 Reasons to Work With a Coach!

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Etsy Coaching Personalized For You!

A coaching call is a great way to work on your shop!  Together, we will look at your shop, your Goals, your concerns and work on a plan!

  • Schedule a Time

    Book a 30 minute coaching session from the available time slots!

  • Submit questions 

    Before we meet, I may ask you to list your objectives and goals so we can optimize the time. 

  • Follow Up

    You can follow up via email after our session if you have additional questions!

  • Get Notified

    Get notified when your appointment is nearing

  • Easy to Use

    Book your call, and then schedule it all in the same place 

  • Scheduling Flexibility

    Pick from many time slots for a meeting that is convenient for you! 

This IS for you if...

  • You want to brainstorm ideas

  • You want to talk about your overall shop strategy

  • You have gone through the SEO basics info

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are needing listing re-writes for your shop

  • You don't have time to implement the ideas

Just look at the phenomenal results this shop owner is getting!

Are you ready to take your shop to the next level? 

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